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Conquest Games specialises in 28mm medieval and fantasy gaming miniatures. Enlisting the services of well-established commercial artists and some of the best sculptors in the business we endeavour to produce a range of miniatures and accessories that will satisfy every gamer's needs.

Please note: All of our miniatures are supplied unpainted, and some may require assembly.


20th March 2020 - Our box sets of Norman Knights and the individual weapon sprues are now back in stock.

Just uploaded into the webstore are a few more additions to our Myths of Albion range - this time we branch out into the realms of mankind with the release of some wizards, witches and warlocks...

Druids - The wilds of Albion are patrolled by nature priests who try to bridge the gap between nature and mankind, often taking the side of Albion's mythological and natural wonders over their human brethren whom they see as unwanted interlopers.


Hedge Witches and Wizards - Two new magical characters who aid the villagers and farmers of Albion with small tasks (uncurdling milk, shooing away mischievous spirits and so on) for the price of a small meal or a bed for the night in the stable...
Hedge Witch and Wizard
Necromancers - Whilst druids and hedge witches deal with life and all its wonders, necromancers contact the afterlife to commune with the departed and perhaps bring them forth again as the restless dead
Plenty more miniatures to come over the next few months as we fill some gaps in all of our ranges
Don't forget to visit our blog which we update periodically...  https://conquestgames.wordpress.com/

We do not currently accept credit card payments via our webstore. We can however still accept credit cards linked via PayPal.

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